Final Video Project

This was a difficult project for me at times, because I had such a busy semester. But once I was able to sit down and devote my time to my video I really enjoyed making it, but more importantly I learned so much. I did not know anything about adobe premier prior to this project, so you could say my improvement was %100. I would say the hardest part about the project was laying it all out in my head. Since I did not know exactly what I wanted to do at first, it made the audio section very difficult. I kind of had to do it backwards by filming first and then adding the audio I needed.

Once I decided a would make my video about a normal day for Ryan Myers it all went smoothly. Since there was such a short time constraint on this video projects I had to use special effects and tools in my advantage. I wanted to put so much stuff in the video but didn’t have enough time. So I decided to use the speed and duration effect to speed up certain parts. These were certain parts where the audience would still be able to get the full affect and understand what is happening even with the 2x speed. For example when I am making or eating breakfast. It really does not change the scene, but allows me more space for extra footage. As for transitions I mostly stuck with the cross dissolve and a white to black, because I thought they looked very smooth.

The only thing I didn’t want was for the video was to be too boring and seem like a normal day for everyone with nothing special. So I tried to add certain small details for extra entertainment. For example I thought waking up fully clothed was funny, and the pause of the music for the pop of the toast. These were just things that I played with and decided I needed small doses of humor throughout the video.

In the end I think I was able to complete the objective of this project. My topic was about me and this video basically shows my life from my perspective. The viewer get to go through an average day in my life and hopefully learn a thing or two about me. Like where my favorite place to eat is or what my major is. Overall I feel like this video really shows who I am and I had a great time making it.

wrap-up blog post

Overall I learned so much this semester. This was a class that really pushed me outside of my limits and made me try things I never would have tried outside this class. At first this really stressed me out, but in the end I learned so much more about files and adobe programs. Each project throughout the semester pushed me a little more than the first one and by the final video I felt like I was ten times more knowledgeable. One important thing this class has done for me is encouraged me to keep working on this stuff after this semester. I now realize that anybody can make logos or videos it just take practice.

Toward the end of the semester I started to slip in this class. My schedule got really busy and I had a hard time finding time. But once I finally had the time to work on my video, I had a lot of fun and was actually able to teach myself a lot. I plan on continueing to learn and I might even try to buy the full adobe suite before I graduate, so I can still get the huge discount and have it for the rest of my life. These are all skills that I can use in my career and hopefully will.

This class was a great learning experience for me. I had a great time and overall it was a great semester for me. I appreciate all the things professor Beam taught me and how flexible and generous he was to me throughout the semester while I struggled. I am going to encourage my friends to take this class and I might even try to take a more advanced class of this nature. Thanks again to all my classmates and Professor Beam for the great learning experience.